Feedback for Networking Tuesday

‘This workshop was one of the most helpful and informative courses I’ve ever done. I felt so much more confident in not only my networking abilities but my screenwriting abilities as a whole.’
Zoe McDonagh

‘Superb value and a must for anybody who thinks they hate Networking’
Matthew Budge

‘It was a day full of useful insights, humour and infectious joy. The best networking day I’ve ever been to.’
Phil Croxall

‘The workshop has taken the fear out of networking for me. I’ve discovered it’s actually everything you don’t think it is: easy, fun and emotionally rewarding.’
Kristina Day

‘I’m leaving with tools and passion. Couldn’t ask for more.’
Melanie Mahdessian

‘I was surprised how effective it was.’
Phil Peel, filmmaker

‘I didn’t want to go but I’m really glad I did because it was so much fun.’
Amy Amani, writer

‘The world would be a better place if everyone was forced to do this course.’
Fiona Tuohy, writer

‘Excellent speakers and information imparted with enthusiasm and generosity of spirit. I highly recommend this workshop to writers and other industry professionals’.
Patricia Jenkins